Anna, Lily, and the Cathy story

I still remembered the day our crew met for the very first time several weeks before our first trip to Bangtaboon. One of the videos that were shown to us during the orientation was a video made by a small group of international students about dolphin captivity. It was important to us to learn to humanize our stories to others, and it was striking how these kids did it through their narrations and drawings in their five-minute video on Youtube.


Little did I know that I would actually have the opportunity to meet those behind the making of this video – Anna and Lily are one of the two ISB students who joined our trip. We have a quick chat about the video they made last year on dolphin captivity.


The inspiration behind Cathy’s stories

Ric O’ Barry came to our school last year and we watched ‘The Cove’. As members of our environmental club [in our school], we were really shocked and we want to raise awareness about dolphin captivity.


We watched the movie first and then he came to answer our questions and told us about what he’s been doing.

So this video was made from our environmental club, and around six or seven people is behind the idea of this project.  It was done all in one piece of paper, under the direction of Brian Leong.

Who is Ric O’ Barry?

He was a former dolphin trainer and later he found out how bad it was for dolphins to be in captivity so he came out and he’s trying to get rid of dolphins in captivity.

And the movie we watched was about how dolphins were captured in Taiji, in which they either kill or capture them.

It’s really sad because in the movie you can see a bay, and the water turns red from the dolphin’s blood.

Why humanize the dolphins in this story?  

The reason why it was made with a human touch is to show that dolphins are really intelligent animals. We compare them to humans because most people only think dolphins as animals that don’t have feelings and are not smart; but really, dolphins are almost as smart as humans. Also some people can relate to this more and be very shocked.

 Have you seen whales and dolphins in the wild?

We have never seen whales before, although together we have seen Irrawaddy dolphins in the wild while we were kayaking in Laos on a Mekong river.  And it came very close to our kayak.

I have no idea that Thailand even has whales. And when I told people that we would go whale watching everyone said, ‘Oh my god, Thailand has whales?’ Everyone was so surprised!

Anna and Lilly during our 2nd Chomwhale Trip

Anna and Lilly during our 2nd Chomwhale Trip

About the author

Pairat Temphairojana (Pai) is working as a journalist in Thailand. It was in 2009 when he first saw blue whales in a whale-watching tour in Alaska – and upon hearing that such majestic creatures like the Bryde’s whales is populating in the gulf of Thailand, he did not hesitate to join as a whale-watching guide in Thailand. He believes that having proper standards and regulations for a safer whale watching activities in the gulf of Thailand is necessary and can lead to a more sustainable tourism for the locals living in the region. Pai will be regularly joining us on board as a field observer and a reporter on our frequent visits to the Gulf of Thailand.

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