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Here is the second story from our newly joined volunteer at Chomwhales. We have asked our volunteer, Nong Joice Rasmekwan, to share her thoughts about her firsthand encounter with the Bryde’s whales of Bangtaboon. We hope our readers enjoy the experiences like she did on last Sunday.

Let me start by introducing myself. I’m just like any other students who plan to finish university life soon and trying to find a good reason to get out of bed. One thing I have discovered so far is my desire to be able to contribute to our society or maybe at least make one person become happier. I have no intention to become a politician, Thai civil servant or work in a government-related job; although, I always dream about providing a better quality of life for everyone.

One morning, I turned on the television and searched for news. I found Khun Tour, the director of Love Wildlife Foundation talking about whale watching and whale situations in Thailand. To be honest, at that time I had no idea what he was trying to say, but I was only really surprised that whales do exists at gulf of Thailand. Gulf of Thailand is one of those places that all Thais know about the poor conditions there.


With this curiosity, I began searching on Facebook, and asked about the Chomwhales Trip. First thing that hit me is this appears to be a well operated foundation than I had previously thought. As I had experience, most of the university’s social contribution trip is about gathering money from people and this foundation was doing something different. I wanted to help out, and thanks to the perfect timing, Love Wildlife Foundation was recruiting the second generation of volunteers. I passed and got a workshop during this recruiting period.


My experience on workshop day was so interesting. Everything seems to be new for me. I got lots of knowledge about whales’ behavior, their cycle, how important and how amazing they are. Moreover, I found that the foundation also has plans to build on boardwalk society to be friendlier to both whales and humans in a sustainable way.


For the final test, I had a chance to go on trip as an intern. The 6-hour experience on the boat was the first time that I saw real whales in my life, and it was so amazing. The first hour was all about the concern for the large gulf of Thailand that was filled with lots of garbage and pollution. Then we found “Jao Me Sa”, the strong whale show me how to properly eat fish for a feast. He seem to do not mind at all on tiny size of new-born fish at gulf of Thailand where Thai fishermen can use any bottom trawl to capture any marine animals. He also did not forget to share with his friends – seagull. However, he had been interrupted by a new group of tourists. They chased him tightly and fast, created loud noise and three boats at that time already. These made him feel insecure and made a distance far away. Next, the things that I want to share are how happy whales are when we can live without harming them. Later, when only our boat followed another small group of whales with the proper way as usual, they came closer and closer. Without fear from any dangers, we saw them lunge feeding on large group of fishes, and ate in large amounts at once. And also they slapped their tails and swam in harmony like kings of the sea.


I realize how important it is to have freedom to live your life in the way you want to. I think nothing is more important than having the courage and love you can put into doing the things that you want to do. With this anything can be possible, and this is why I believe the way to a sustainable society is achievable.

– Joice

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