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June 8 Reviews

Gillian’s review Occupation: International school teacher 1. Tell us what you did in this trip. I got up very early to go on this trip! 5.25am on a Saturday morning! That was not good – but it was worth it for a […]

Q&A with Watcharabul (Note)

Watcharabul Leesuwan or Note is a famous actor in a local television in Thailand on channel 7. He was with us on our whale watching trip on June 8. Note spoke with Love Wildlife Foundation about his impression of whales, […]

Q&A with Narisa (Nuna)

Narisa or known as Nuna  is one of the active members of ‘A call for Animal Rights’ group, a group of people dedicated in helping animals in Thailand through a good cause. Narisa developed her passion in raising dogs, which […]

A chat with Charlie Fasano

LWL: What does it takes to be a great underwater videographer?  C: Good story-telling skills. There has to be a reason that the viewer want to watch this and is captivated by this. Everybody’s making really good quality videos these days. What makes […]