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Anna, Lily, and the Cathy story

I still remembered the day our crew met for the very first time several weeks before our first trip to Bangtaboon. One of the videos that were shown to us during the orientation was a video made by a small […]

Why we save Koh Surin

The Surin islands (or Koh Surin) is an archipelago of five islands of the Northern Andaman Sea, situated approximately 60 kilometers from Phang Nga. Established as a national park since 1981, the open season starts from November to May every […]

Q&A with Watcharabul (Note)

Watcharabul Leesuwan or Note is a famous actor in a local television in Thailand on channel 7. He was with us on our whale watching trip on June 8. Note spoke with Love Wildlife Foundation about his impression of whales, […]

Q&A with Narisa (Nuna)

Narisa or known as Nuna  is one of the active members of ‘A call for Animal Rights’ group, a group of people dedicated in helping animals in Thailand through a good cause. Narisa developed her passion in raising dogs, which […]